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Things that piss me off

Many current issues piss me off in this world, starting from:

  • the on-going conflict in Syria and the political and power games between the United States, the European Union and Russia;
  • the unnecessary charter of values in Quebec when we have so many other problems we have to take care of (a.k.a. healthcare system, environmental emerging issues such as oil sands, hydraulic fracturing, and many others, seasonal employment, etc.);
  • Any new Apple product or update…;
  • Etc.

But I won’t talk about that today, although you may have an idea of my opinion regarding these events. Here are other news I consider worth mentioning, worth caring, worth discussing:

Exxon Mobil unit charged for Pennsylvania fracking wastewater spill
Hydraulic fracturing is a technique that helps extract oil and gas from shale deposits, an unconventional way to gather energy resources to compensate our current inability to extract oil and gas the usual way.
On the pro-side, it is a great way to create employment, diminish the prices of oil and gas, relaunch the economy after the crisis.
On the con-side, it is said to cause serious earthquakes and contamination of underground waters (although not many studies were done yet to fully assess that phenomenon and do not seem to fully reach a consensus), to use enormous volumes of water, and the contaminated water that was used to extract the resources cannot be purified and is left to stay in wells deep in the ground.
It’s this contaminated water that is the current concern in a spill involving XTO Energy Inc., a subsidiary company of Exxon Mobil. Leaks of wastewater were found on-site, leading to the presence of pollutants “in a tributary of the Susquehanna River basin.”

Why some men in Cambonia don’t think gang rape is gang rape
A United Nations study show alarming statistics regarding rape in six Asian countries, Cambodia having the highest rate of gang rape. This study was carried out by surveying around 10,000 men, half of them having confessed having abused once their partners, and 1 in 4 having committed rape.
However, what struck me the most in the article was an interview with a Cambodian man who talked about gang raping a prostitute as if it were… a casual activity to do with friends.

Blame – a Radiolab podcast
You will soon realize that Radiolab is possibly my favourite podcast, that I eagerly await their new stuff to appear in my feed, that I can easily listen again and again to their show and always learn new details and new perspectives.
This one, the most recent one they published, questions the notion of blame in judicial cases, the notion of responsibility when neurological damages are taken in account, the concept of fault in general.

Stuck in bed with ice and Advils…

The title sums up my actual state, after a brutal fall in the stairs at Berri-UQAM yesterday. Lesson of the day: even if you prefer flat sandals over high heels, this will not save you from a twisted ankle when you run in the stairs. Right now, Advil and ice are my two best friends. However, this whole story gave me good reasons to actually read the many books I bought and haven’t got the time to read because of work.

This and clean up my musical library: fell in love with Lykke Li and back to basics with Garbage.

I was also supposed to see The Last Ronin at Fantasia Festival tonight… Oh well, a twisted ankle won’t stop me from appreciating movies!

The Last Ronin by Kinotayo