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To all my buddies around the world

Recently, when I tried to invite my friends for a BBQ, I realized that many of them were spread around the world and that I would not see them as often.

To my ex-roommates from China, Brazil and Finland;
To my friends back in France and Ivory Coast;
To those who are searching themselves in British Columbia and Japan;
To those with whom I had so much fun hidden in Asia, Italy and Morocco.

More photos from Tongli

While going through my pictures, I fell in love again with Tongli’s charm. So here are more photos to admire this beautiful city.

A Sunday at the Pagoda

On a Sunday morning, I decided to go do some volunteering at my pagoda.

Once a week, a free meal is served to people who came to pray. One of the principles of Buddhism is that we should not kill any animal. So the meal is vegetarian and amazingly delicious. It’s marvelous what tofu can do!

It actually reminds me something…

From the top, clockwise:
Bok choy soup with mushrooms (canh)
Penne with tofu and vegetables Macedonia
Sautéed tofu and bok choy
“General Tao” tofu
Tofu stew (beef bourgignon style)

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The sandwich of my dreams…

The sandwich of my dreams is French, should have dill pickles (this one didn’t)(Please! No sweet pickles!!!), must be absolutely delicious and made with love and passion!

In French, there’s a word to define the fat of a ham, called “couenne”. My parents adore that part, even though it’s pretty bad for your cholesterol… Whenever we would go to the Pâtisserie Belge, my dad would always require ham that had this beloved strip of fat. What’s wrong with Canadians with fat free ham? It’s the best part ever, even though it’s bad for your heart… *sigh*

Too bad that this sandwich is so expensive to prepare… The sausage costs at least 8$ and 500g of French ham at Exofruits costs a good twenty bucks. However, cheese is much cheaper there than in supermarkets, which is a big plus, considering the dreadful price of dairy products in Quebec!

Bread: French baguette
Spread: butter and boar pâté
Ham: French ham with fat strip
Sausage: “Rosette de Lyon”
Cheese: Brie de Normandie and Cendrillon from Alexis de Portneuf
Salad: Baby spinach
To add next time: GHERKINS!!!