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Moments on the Plateau

Eating with my friends

1. André, Sébastien, LP and Alice
2. Quinoa and cucumber salad, raspberry vinaigrette
3. Stir-fried noodles and tofu, Arctic Garden vegetables
4. LP and drinks in hand
5. Lemon, Red Velvet, Moka and Mint cupcakes from Les Glaceurs
6. Moka cupcake and a strawberry

R.I.P. Jack Layton

I don’t particularly like politics, I follow them on the news once every three days, I don’t like extreme neither right nor left-wing ideologies and I vote like any good citizen in democracy.

With Jack, however, I was proud to show my colours. I often had to choose between Liberals and Neo-Democrats, but Jack convinced me that we could do better, we could create a better Canada.

After a long public fight against cancer, he passed away at age 61, only 3 months following his gain at the Parliament as the leader of the opposition against a Conservative majority. Today, we lose a great man, optimistic, pragmatic and absolutely adorable. I really hoped that you would become Prime Minister one day.

What we have left, his fight that we shall pursue, to bring NDP to lead Canada with the same passion he had.

Rest in peace, Jack Layton.

Otakuthon, Montreal – more photos

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Engagement party in the countryside, Chelsea, QC

Last weekend, my boyfriend’s cousin celebrated her engagement party. Even though I love Montreal’s vibe and rhythm, I still miss Chelsea’s and Aylmer’s fresh air and tranquility. And I also love the food orgy I always get whenever I pass by this area near Ottawa.