Inspiration – Deco ideas for fall

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Every year, Alex and I ask ourselves the same question:

Can we improve the decoration of our apartment?

Obviously, as a student who doesn’t have much money, the answer is always yes, but is it realistic to say that we should? After all, it’s not a necessity to live in a well decorated house when most of your money goes to rent, studies and food. So I dream. And I get amazed in front of these wonderful ideas IKEA brings to the table.

OK, I may not want to live with 6 people in the same room, even with the curtains for “intimacy”… It kind of sucks…

Or this tiny 330 squared-feet apartment in Hong Kong transforming into 24 different rooms.

And that freaking 100$ Norden bench that would look so nice as a coffee table in my tiny living room and for which I try to save money.NORDEN Bench – IKEA


Inspiration – Paintings

Composition VIII - Kandinsky (WebMuseum Paris) Composition VIII – Kandinsky

Painting at Pompidou Centre (2007) – Unknown painter

La Trahison des images - Magritte La Trahison des images – Magritte (one of my favourite painters)

La  Desserte rouge – Matisse

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