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It’s been a few months I’ve been addicted to podcasts since a peculiar mutation of my current lifestyle occurred: being often on the road commuting between Montreal and Ottawa, unable to find any time slot to sit down and watch TV, but always craving to learn more about the crazy world we live in, I went on the hunt for interesting shows to listen to, in hopes it would keep my brain active and not let it fall in ruins.

It is indeed an excellent way to distract your mind while doing repetitive tasks that do not require much effort, when you wait for someone and no book is available to keep your mind busy, or during a midnight walk when you’re unable to find rest and sleep.

Everything started with Radiolab, a radioshow from the WNYC, a radiostation affiliated to the National Public Radio (NPR). Hosted by Jad Abumrad and Robert Krulwich, this show discusses about various topics from a scientific and philosophical perspective, to which you add an interesting narrative structure and a fascinating sountrack.

However tonight, I will leave you with this adorable podcast called The Sounds in my Head that gives a quite fantastic selection of songs I would never have paid attention to before. Here are my favourite songs from their latest show:

I did not know the fast-food restaurant Chipotle had a videogame, a very peculiar medium to do advertisement and promote your values…

Ah man, now I want their vegetarian bowl… Toronto, why you so far?

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